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Woven Belly Basket

These baskets are multi-purpose: decoration, creative storage, picnic, grocery basket, beach bag, toy storage, plant holder* and more. 

Each multi-purpose basket will be a little different! This is not machine made. They are not fixed with wire, so are easily stored and flexible.

*Plants cannot be grown directly in baskets, they need to be placed in baskets. The selected basket size must be larger than the pot. These baskets come with a plastic insert for pots.

X-Small Size (approx.): 6” high, 5" wide at top, 7" wide in the middle

Small Size (approx.): 10” high, 7" wide at top, 9" wide in the middle

Large Size (approx.): 14” high, 12" wide at top, 14" wide in the middle


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