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Laundry Detergent Strips

A minimalist eco laundry detergent that challenges the traditional pods and plastic jugs of the past. They've removed the water from their detergent, resulting in an ultra concentred earth-friendly detergent strip. Why ship water? Did you know, a traditional liquid detergent is made up of 60-90% water? Eco Laundry Club is reducing the carbon footprint of laundry worldwide.

The detergent strip package is a fully recyclable cardboard with a budget-conscious price.

Are you worried about the ingredients? Don’t be. These strips are free of harmful chemicals and will keep your home safe and clean. This is the hypo-allergenic unscented version, which we recommend for sensitive skin. 

Reduce your detergent waste & cost. Tear off a perforated pre-portioned strip for a standard-sized load and a full sheet for an extra-large wash.

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