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Keeping it green in the kitchen

Keeping it green in the kitchen

Nootka and Sea's tips on keeping it green in the kitchen

Eco friendly dish washing tools

Looking to make some sustainable swaps?  Trade in your plastic brushes for these zero-waste alternatives when cleaning. ⁠

Pick from two sizes of the multi-use brush. It is made from untreated pine and agave bristles and can be used to clean surfaces around the home or to scrub root vegetables. ⁠

Try out the handmade root brush made from the root of grass. It is fantastic for scrubbing pots and cleaning root vegetables; very stiff and effective for scouring.⁠

Using essential oils in the kitchen

Refresh your surfaces & revitalize your space with essential oils in your homemade cleaning spray.

Removes dirt and grease with the natural power of lemon, lavender, and rosemary essential oils.

Pair with a wooden dish brush and deodorize kitchen counters, sinks, cupboards, toys, and more.

Did you know that bar soap saves water?

Bar soaps have a lower carbon footprint than liquid soap due to lower water usage, packaging, and ecotoxicity. 

Our dish soap comes in lavender and unscented, they are all-natural, organic, and safe for the environment. 

Pair with an eco-dish brush, agave scrubber or loofah while cleaning your kitchen.

Shop dish soap here

We love composting

Reduce your household waste with this must-have eco-friendly kitchen essential.

Easy to use, stylish countertop compost bin collects all your organic kitchen waste such as fruit, veggies, coffee grounds, soft cardboard, and plant cuttings. Odorless composting is made possible with an integrated charcoal filter you can add to the lid. 



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